ENAT International

is a family company, dedicated to processing natural and agricultural products. Throughout the years we have acquired processing experience and proficiency by working closely for the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Neutraceutical
  • Dietary Ingredients
  • Cosmetics mitigation


We have accumulated over 25 years of processing experience yet we remain focus on preserving our competitiveness through innovation and customer satisfaction.

In light of global interest for functional and high nutritional value foods, we have diversified our activities to also include sourcing and packaging of ingredients from Mexico and other parts of Latin America.


  • To offer orientation, sustainable and cost effective solutions to third parties’ extraction needs. To be a valuable resource in solving third parties extraction (your) needs
  • Passion for customer’s satisfaction
  • The sky is the limit when it comes to extraction
  • We intent to do the imposible to satisfy your extraction needs.


We evaluate raw materials, implement process controls at critical points and finally we test finished product prior to approval. We have an on-side laboratory equipped with the best technologies, such as: GC, HPLC and Spectrophotometer among others. These guarantee our quality criteria will be achieved and thus customer satisfaction.

All of the above is achieved by trained work force by having on board the right people for the right activity/duty . The fact that the average employment time for our employees are over 10 years this results in staff with exceptional skill development. results in exceptional skill development


We promote the right working environment for our work force .We are believers of the philosophy that commitment to the environment and people not only creates a better planet for all of us to live, but also helps the economics of the company.

For this reason the environment has always been a high priority for us.

Our clients will find at ENAT INTERNATIONAL innovation accompanied by human sense, transparency, honesty and Mexican cordiality. In addition, the assurance that we will care and preserve sensitive / proprietorship and confidential information provide by our customers.